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About us

The Foundation Compromiso is an organization that was born in 1994 with the purpose of helping to enhance the impact of social projects in Argentina and the region, carried out by NGOs, people and alliances between companies, the State and social actors.


Inspired by Peter Drucker's work and philosophy for managing the knowledge produced by organizations to achieve social change across sectors, Compromiso helps change agents understand what they do, who they serve and how they do it, focusing in what they value, and in the impact they achieve by doing so. Currently, Compromiso works jointly with impact investors in the region to generate and strengthen opportunities in the cultural, social and environmental fields.


Periodista. Director de Gestión de Conocimiento Fundación Avina. Miembro consejos Fundación Los Grobo, Directorio Legislativo, RIL, CasaSan, FUNDES. Autor del libro “Dignidad para todos”, editorial Temas.

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Who do it?


Carlos March


Journalist. Director of Knowledge Management Avina Foundation. Los Grobo Foundation board member, Legislative Directory, CasaSan. Author of the book “Dignidad para todos”, Temas publishing house.


Miguel Pellerano


Independent consultant in the environmental services sector. Former director of the Argentine Wildlife Foundation. Extensive experience in various environmental organizations and a long career in IUCN.


Juan Curutchet


Lawyer (UBA) and Master in Law (New York University). Former president of Banco Provincia de Buenos Aires, of the Latin American Association of Financial Institutions for Development and of Provincia Microcredits. He was VP of Banco Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Director of PRISMA SA.


Evangelina Petrizza


Specialist strategic intelligence of organizations, Sustainability and impact finance. Responsible for the organization's corporate sustainability strategy, including the Pro Bono Services of Estudioen Estudio Beccar Varela. She was Executive Director of RADIM.


Alejandra Marano


Executive and artistic producer, content curator and programmer with experience in finance and planning. Specialized in environmental issues and of the 2030 Agenda. He currently directs Construir TV and Construir Cine – ODS LAB at the Uocra Foundation. She is a mentor for Series Lab Ficción at Sanfic Chile and develops the EcoVision Seal with the Brazilian NGO Panvision.


Paula España


Serial entrepreneur. Specialist in sustainable innovation. Master in Sustainability from the University of Oxford. He is part of the Sustainability Council of Arcos Dorados. Mentor and ESG specialist at the Oxford Foundry. Board member of Women of the Future. Member of Cambridge Labs at the University of Cambridge. Global Entrepreneur Dealmaker for the Department for International Trade of the UK Government.


Pablo Esses


25 years of experience in Business Consulting at PwC and IBM. Former CIO of Telecom Argentina and today Managing Partner of a Venture Capital Firm that invests in hi-tech startups that solve global problems.


Daniel Marx


Bachelor in Economics (UBA). Executive Director of Quantum Finance. Active participant in forums and seminars specialized in finance, credit, macro and microeconomics and international economics.


Marita Carballo


President of Voices Consultancy. Full Member of the National Academy of Education; Vice President of World Values ​​Survey Association; President of the Comparative Sociology Committee of the International Sociological Association; Counselor of the Economic and Social Council of Argentina; Former president of the National Academy of Moral and Political Sciences; Former president of WAPOR (World Association for Public Opinion); Former Global Director of Public and Social Opinion at TNS based in London; Former president of Kantar in Latin America; Former President of ICANA and Fundación Compromiso.

Eisenhower Fellow. Former director of the Sociology department at the UCA. He has published several books and articles in scientific journals.


Carolina Biquard

Executive director

Lawyer (UCA) and Postgraduate in NPO Management (NYC). Co-founder of Fundación Compromiso and first Executive Director. She was President of the National Endowment for the Arts and National Director of Creative Industries. She worked as a consultant in social investment for companies and in financing for social organizations.


Juan José Bertamoni

Director of Potrero Digital

Lic. in Sociology UCALP. Postgraduate in direction and management of social organizations UDESA. Postgraduate in Entrepreneurial Development UDESA. Previously he was a facilitator, director of institutional strengthening programs and coordinator of CSR projects at Fundación Compromiso.


Luis Parenti

Director of Campinho Digital

Industrial engineer based in Brazil. Specialist in deployments of digital product operations seeking to demonstrate the value of their services and quickly adapt to Brazilian culture. Lead the launch of Potrero Digital in Brazil and develop strategic alliances with local partners.


Cora Pesiney

General Program Coordinator

Lic. Prof in Psychology UBA. Planning and management of sustainability, diversity, volunteering and gender projects. UBA university professor; UMSA and USAL.


Noelia Vega

Communications Director

Journalist and graduate in Humanities and Social Sciences. Postgraduate degrees in Strategic Management and Communication for Civil Society Organizations. Experience in government communication, with social impact and for international organizations.


Natalia Martínez

Operational Coordinator

Lic. Prof. in Psychology Lic. in Political Science (UBA). Master in Public Policy and Development Management (UNSAM – Georgetown University). Experience working on CSR and Sustainability issues. a UBA. Planning and management of sustainability, diversity, volunteering and gender projects. UBA university professor; UMSA and USAL.


Ignacio Muñiz

Technology Director

Senior systems, networks and infrastructure administrator. With experience in computer centers and cloud implementations. Worked on various projects as Project Manager managing teams and resources. With experience in projects with an accessibility framework.


Justo Parenti

Director of Potrero Tech

Industrial Engineer (ITBA). He worked on various projects as Project Manager, managing teams and developing business strategies. He was coordinator of Alliances with strategic partners.


Marina Ehrman

Director of administration

and finance

Bachelor of Administration (UBA). Consultant in project and business development. He worked in SMEs leading work teams in the areas of Administration, Commercial and Foreign Trade.

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Vanesa López

Administration and

Finance Coordinator

Business Management and Administration and Social Psychologist.


Joan Manuel Lorenzo

Digital Communication Manager

Digital Communication Specialist. Experience in strategy, production and generation of content in public and private spheres


Gabriela Molignano

Potrero Jobs Coordinator

HR, Career counselor, was part of teams focused on attracting IT & digital talent, diversity and workplace inclusion.


Lucía Perelmuter

Director of Alliances and Strategic Investments

Graduate in Political Science (UBA). Master of Public Policy (DiTella University). He has experience in the field of international relations and institutional articulation. He worked in public management, strengthening strategic alliances and international ties.


Marcela Guilligan

Director of Impact Management

Marcela Guilligan has a degree in Political Science and has an (M.B.A) Master's degree in business management (IAE) and in Research Methodology (Flacso). Professor of Sociology and Political Science.


Clara Videla Escalada

Coordinator of Alliances and Strategic Investments

Graduate in Public Relations and specialist in Educational Policies. Professional experience both in the management and development of educational projects in vulnerable contexts and in institutional strengthening and development of strategic alliances.

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