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at Foundation Compromiso

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We celebrate 30 years at Fundación Compromiso! This anniversary not only celebrates the perseverance, effort and impact we had throughout these years, but also includes all the people, partners and alliances that participated with us in this social transformation that, day by day, we were building. ​


In each Conference, in each project, proposal or city you are and were. Therefore, let's celebrate these 30 years of experience through a journey of achievements.

Let's walk our journey together


First Conference of the Social Sector.


Second day with the participation of LATAM.​ ​

Creation of the Foundation's Advisory Council that allowed the creation of the Evaluation Program. 


5 questions from Drucker


In these 30 years we have marked many milestones, however we select only a few as a reference.

Join us to relive them together.


Fundación Compromiso in alliance with the Drucker Foundation distributes the “Management for the Third Sector” videos.


Implementation of the concept of Social Investment.


Creation of the "Schools for change" program.


Work and coordination with companies and consultancies to strengthen social investment areas.


We participated in the document "The

Business Guide to Partnering with NGOs

and the UN" presented at the

UN Global Compact Conference in Geneva.


Meeting with the "Schools for change" program.


We conclude the "Cycle of Conferences

for social innovation".


Launch of "Potrero Digital".


Regionalization to LATAM, in

Brazil with Campinho Digital.


Launch of the CCC (Creativity, Culture and Capital) program.


We celebrate 5 years of the impact of Potrero Digital.


We celebrate 30 years identifying and promoting opportunities for social innovation. ​


Return of the Jornada Compromiso event.

30 years of impact


people directly benefited

by their programs.


companies committed

to social responsibility.


supported social



in the creation and implementation of public policies with social impact.

30 years of outstanding programs

Tripartite joint

Government - community - private sector

Corporative volunteering

We were pioneers in the area

Self-assessment program

Drucker's five questions aimed at

social organizations to professionalize

the social sector. 

Companies and Community

Promotes business participation and individual social responsibility.


We focused on private and community articulation.

Schools for Change

Provides tools and resources to schools for their modernization and digital transformation.

Potrero Digital

Trains young people in digital skills

for the future of work.


We scaled our model initially in Brazil, with Campinho Digital.

Jornada Compromiso

They are multi-sector meetings where the capacities of different social actors are strengthened. Year after year, leaders of social organizations, CSR leaders, academics and representatives of the public sector meet in this space, providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and learning, seeking to promote and strengthen the generation of joint projects.

Get to know our programs

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We are waiting for you to celebrate these 30 years together at the Jornada

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