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Compromiso National Day

Over the past 24 years, the Foundation has gathered for an annual day focused on strengthening civil-society organizations, providing the opportunity to reflect on and exchange actual social change experiences.

Every year we invite representatives from civil-society, business and academia to reflect, in this case, on the challenges posed by the impact rapid technological changes have on society. By means of briefings and team-building activities, we urge assistants to create shared value, providing encouragement and opportunities to exchange experiences and learning.

COMPROMISO 24 Jornada Nacional
Fundación Compromiso

COMPROMISO 24 Jornada Nacional


Our digital platform allows viewers to find the resources and tools to manage nonprofit social projects in one single place. It enables access to our content and to that of multiple civil-society organizations. This project addresses the need to have a collaboration space aimed at strengthening civil-society.

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